Why Fight? Important Tips for Negotiating Divorce in Ohio

If you are thinking about divorce in Ohio, it may be worth your time to consider agreements that you can make out of court to keep conflict and legal costs low. Today, with careful use of alternative dispute methods, you may be able to create satisfying divorce agreements without as much, or any, reliance on the court.

When Does Child Support End in Ohio?

Child support plays an important role in creating financial stability for children after a divorce or separation of parents. In Ohio, responsibility for the payment of child support ends or can be terminated for a number of reasons. The State of Ohio expects both parents to provide financial support for their children.

What Is Divorce By A Separation Agreement?

No matter how complex the issues may be, there are often ways that married individuals can find agreement on how to separate their lives, belongings, and interests. If everything can be agreed upon, the parties can enter into a Separation Agreement. This document is a contract that explains how the parties will separate everything they have together. If this situation involves children, the Separation Agreement will contain provisions about how the parties will continue to parent their children apart or will often be accompanied by a Shared Parenting Plan.

7 Key Points of Power of Attorney

The most basic definition of power of attorney is that it provides legal authority another person or organization to act in your behalf in certain circumstances. While this may come in different forms (healthcare, special, durable, etc.), each contains the common element that the person who assigns power of attorney is giving another party the ability to act in his or her stead. Assigning general or durable power of attorney is an important step in creating a thorough estate plan. It protects you and your property in the event you become incapacitated, as you know the person to whom you have assigned power of attorney—known as your “agent”—will act in your best interests and per your wishes.