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Face Your Personal Injury Case with the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Ohio

Serious personal injury or death from an accident requires prompt attention and great care to protect your rights and legal interests. Insurance companies will disregard your privacy and try to contact you to promptly resolve their exposure for the party who caused the harm. Don’t speak to or sign anything from insurance representatives without legal advice.

Seif & McNamee, LLC can help you recover reasonable compensation for the harm you or a loved one has suffered as the result of:

Understanding Defective Products Cases in Ohio

Defective or dangerous products may cause serious injury to you or a loved one. If a product is proven inherently dangerous or defective, we pursue claims against the product designer, manufacturer, distributor, or other negligent parties to obtain damages for the injury.

Understanding Workplace Injury Cases in Ohio

Workers’ compensation is the only way an employee can remedy work-related injury or sickness without regard to fault. When an Ohio workplace injury arises in the course and scope of employment, a worker has NO right to sue their employer directly. Instead, workers are entitled to an automatic monetary recovery through a workers’ compensation claim when the claim satisfies specific legal criteria. We handle workers’ compensation claims by working with a firm specializing in these claims.

Seif & McNamee, LLC handles the few exceptions to workers’ compensation, which are extreme situations when an employee, in bad faith, intentionally or criminally causes harm to employees or another person. An Ohio employee may also claim injury against another company or person, such as an injury caused by faulty equipment or machines from an outside company. If we are successful against a third party, then the injured person’s employer may receive reimbursement for benefits of workers’ compensation paid to the injured person.

Understanding Our Process for Ohio Personal Injury Cases

We help clients with serious personal injuries to minimize their struggle to pay medical bills and deal with wage losses. While these are the unfortunate results of accidents, a client will never be left alone to deal with the lasting effects. Our experience and sincere compassion will ensure clients obtain the most compensation available to enable their lives to continue.

The Value of Working with an Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Seif & McNamee, LLC can also protect your legal interests if you experience problems with an insurance company claiming serious personal injury or death. Insurers often institute policies to deny all claims on the first call. We will help protect your rights and force the insurance company to abide by their agreements with customers, even if it’s your own insurance company.

Seif & McNamee, LLC is here to help you and your loved ones understand business lawpersonal injuryestate planningelder lawprobatecollections, and municipal law. Our experienced Ohio lawyers help you accomplish more. We welcome you to contact our Chillicothe or Waverly law firm to learn more about how we can help you achieve favorable results in business and personal legal matters in Southern Ohio, statewide, and across the Midwest.

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