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Three Questions to Ask When Choosing a Probate Attorney in Ohio

Understanding the Basics of Estate Administration and Probate in Ohio

If you have been named the executor of the estate of a loved one or client in Ohio, it is important to have an idea of the steps ahead when you are asked to initiate the estate administration process. Whether you are called an executor, estate administrator, or fiduciary, the task before you is the same. As an executor you will muster and manage the assets, debts, and property of someone who has passed away in accordance with their will. If they have died without a will, you will be asked to inventory and distribute the estate pursuant to the law of the State of Ohio.
Why Fight? Important Tips for Negotiating Divorce in Ohio

Why Fight? Important Tips for Negotiating Divorce in Ohio

If you are thinking about divorce in Ohio, it may be worth your time to consider agreements that you can make out of court to keep conflict and legal costs low. Today, with careful use of alternative dispute methods, you may be able to create satisfying divorce agreements without as much, or any, reliance on the court.
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