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Serious Car Accident

Take these Five Steps after a Serious Car Accident in Ohio

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Physical well being is always the first concern after any kind of accident, especially when vehicles collide.

If you suffer an injury as the result of the negligence or recklessness of another person or party, you deserve money damages to help your recovery and provide for future medical and other serious needs.

In Ohio, the measure by which you can recover compensation from another party for an injury caused by a car or other accident is called “comparative negligence.” This means just about what it says—that after an accident, the negligence of all parties is compared to see who was at fault, and how much at fault they were.

In many cases, an injured party is declared to be partially at fault. As a result, the amount of their compensation will be reduced by the percentage they are found to be at fault. Whether in Waverly, Chillicothe, Hillsboro, Circleville, Washington CT House or anywhere else in Ohio, if you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault for the accident that caused your injury, you may not recover compensation for your injury from the other driver or parties.

Taking smart steps after a serious car crash can help you preserve your right to bring a personal injury case against the person who hurt you—and help your attorney prove that you were not at fault if you, in turn, are sued. Here are some important steps to consider after a serious car accident in Ohio:

  1. Get medical help: If injured in any kind of accident, take a trip to the hospital or urgent care facility. Even if you believe you feel fine, you could have a serious internal injury or a concussion.
  2. Obtain evidence: If possible, ask a friend or a family member to take pictures of the crash scene. Include the vehicles before they are moved, license plates, skid marks on the road, road condition, the traffic, weather, and signage in the area. If there was a temporary obstruction in the road that was partially the cause of the accident, like narrowing of the lane due to road construction, get pictures of that area as well.
  3. Information on the scene: Exchange contact information with the other party, but also try to obtain contact information from the first witnesses to the scene. Often people who witness an accident stay on the scene until they are sure the parties are okay and help arrives. Since these people can provide a first-hand account of how the crash occurred, it is helpful to get their contact information. Obtain a copy of the police report and be sure to give it to your automobile insurance agent.
  4. Speak with an attorney if seriously injured: If you or someone in your family suffered a serious injury, contact an attorney who is experienced with car crashes. Reputable personal injury attorneys in Ohio work on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay no legal fees up front, but their fee and expenses come out of compensation they are able to achieve on your behalf. Insurance companies often approach injured parties individually and offer a lump sum payment to settle the case. These offers are usually much lower in value than what you may need to recover in the long-term. Do not speak with an insurance adjustor about settling your claim – refer them to your attorney.
  5. Keep a journal and your medical appointments: Your job is to regain your health while your attorney works on achieving money damages for you. Be sure to keep medical and physical therapy appointments and copies of any records or test results that you receive. Keep a journal of your injury, what you are going through, and what you and your family are doing to accommodate your injury and treatment.

It is important to take the right steps toward recovery after a car accident. Get good medical help and knowledgeable legal guidance if you suffer serious injury in Ohio.

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